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University Relations

University Relations

Effective communication main goal of office

University Relations strives to enhance the visibility of Columbus State University. We serve students, faculty, staff, alumni and others by:

  • Responding to, and coordinating, media inquiries.
  • Overseeing, in cooperation with CSU's Web Team, the university's Internet presence.
  • Reporting and writing news and feature stories for local, regional and national media, as well as internal dissemination.
  • Designing and developing content for publications, both in print and on the Web.
  • Providing graphic arts support related to a wide range of media forms, including print and TV ads, billboards, brochures, magazines, books and more.
  • Writing and editing consultation.

Remember campus
publication requirements

All publications from the university should reflect the overall image, message and mission of the university. They should be attractive, consistent in their use of logos, serve their purpose, speak to the audience for which they're targeted and include the words Columbus State University — not just CSU — on the front and back of every publication that's sent to an external audience. An official CSU clock tower logo — available online — will satisfy half of that requirement as it must be on the front or the back.

Faculty, staff advised to cooperate with media

When reporters call, CSU faculty and staffers are encouraged to offer factual information within the scope of their work roles. Be sure to check out our advice for dealing with such calls. Reporters may want to check out our database of faculty experts to see if ready help is available on a specific news topic.

Media Inquiries:

University Relations
Richards Hall 241

John Lester

Christa M. Robbins